Financial and Life Makeover Email Course for Single Moms

Are you a single mom who needs a financial makeover? Want to become debt free, have extra money and change your financial life? Sign up for this free 14-day email course. Homework and worksheets are included.

As a single mom, I am very passionate about helping other single moms take control of their finances.

When I first became a single mom nearly ten years ago, I felt I could handle anything else if I was financially stable.

I know many single moms struggle to make ends meet for a number of reasons and that’s why I created this free email course.

This course will show you some practical steps you can take to improve your finances including: how to get out of debt, build your emergency savings, create a budget and set financial goals.

The lessons are short and actionable. This course comes with daily assignments and worksheets.

Every day for the next 14 days, you will receive one lesson in your inbox. Each lesson will include an action step for you to complete.

Here is a complete outline of the FREE 14 DAY FINANCIAL AND LIFE MAKEOVER EMAIL COURSE:

Lesson 1:  Acknowledge the problem

Lesson 2: Take an inventory of your financial life

Lesson 3:  Calculate your net worth

Lesson 4:   Time to set some financial goals

Lesson 5:   Create a financial plan

Lesson 6:   Build an emergency fund

Lesson 7:   Say no to debt

Lesson 8:   Create a budget

Lesson 9:   Track your expenses

Lesson 10:  Reduce or get rid of some expenses

Lesson 11:  Where can you scale back?

Lesson 12:  Ways to increase your income

Lesson 13:  Become a conscious spender

Lesson 14:  The value of investing in yourself

If you’re ready to get ahead financially and create financial stability for your family, click this link to sign up now.

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